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Hi, I'm Andrew. What would you like to talk about today?

It's a simple question, but it rarely has a simple answer.

I’m a BACP-registered counsellor, and I work with people to explore their feelings, thoughts and behaviours to see how they want to respond to challenges in life.

People come to counselling for all sorts of reasons. Some clients use sessions to make sense of events in their past, the impact on them now, and perhaps to look at where they want to go next. 

Others may find they’re living their lives based on old ideas of themselves, perhaps editing themselves to a version that feels palatable to others, but are unsure how to change.

And for some, there might not even be clarity on what is going on for them - but they know something is amiss or stuck in their lives and relationships. Depressed feelings, stress and anxious thoughts are often part of the picture too.

Whatever is going on for you, I offer sessions at London Bridge (SE1), Brixton (SW9) and via Google Meet, and offer a free half-hour initial appointment to discuss how we could work together.

Starting counselling

Starting counselling can be intimidating. It’s very common to think that other people’s problems are more important than yours, or that a lack of clarity on what’s going on makes it hard to know where to start. It’s something I’m used to working with, and we can take a look at together.

And while some clients are well-versed in working with their emotions, for many others - especially for people who are good at thinking their way through problems - we might need to take a few beats to explore what their feelings look like. 

I work with a wide range of clients; the majority are men, and many are LGBT+.

You can find out more about how I work confidentially and safely, including what counselling sessions with me look like.

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Found my site while browsing counsellor profiles?

Navigating counsellor profiles is not easy! I have written some advice on how to find the right person for you.

Where I work

London Bridge: Tuesdays at 78-80 Borough High Street and Thursdays at 89a Long Lane, both close to London Bridge and Borough Tube stations.


Brixton: Wednesdays and Fridays at 34-44 Tunstall Road, a one-minute walk from Brixton station.


Online: I also offer Google Meet sessions  on Thursday daytimes.

If you are interested in exploring what it might be like to work with me, then email on, use the contact form below, or call me on 07428 338931. We can set up an initial appointment to see if the support I can offer would be right for you.

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"I recommend you choose Andrew to work through whichever of life's unexpected challenges have landed in your lap. He took me from a terrible low, not only back to 'normal', but to a better, happier me."

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James, 50

"Working with Andrew was a real pleasure. I found almost everything he said to be insightful and thought-provoking. He has a particular strength in striking the right balance between being sympathetic and ensuring you address problems fully."

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Ben, 30
Andrew Mickel

I am experienced in working with clients on issues such as the below. Often people aren’t really sure why they are looking for counselling, and  that is something we can also explore together.

  • anxiety and stress

  • low self-esteem and confidence

  • sadness and depression


  • shame

  • feeling confused

  • feeling overwhelmed or out of control

  • LGBT+ issues

  • sexuality

  • gender

  • isolation and loneliness

  • difficulties relating to others

  • feeling unfulfilled

I have worked with a wide range of people, including a specialism working with LGBT+ clients. Whoever you are, we can shape how sessions look to what feels right for you. 

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